Laurie Brietzke Death, Obituary – On December 16, a car driven by an unidentified individual struck a pedestrian who was walking on the street in Abbotsford. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. As soon as the incident occurred, the driver of the car made an immediate effort to absolve themselves of culpability for the collision by fleeing the site of the accident and driving away as rapidly as they could. The pedestrian did not make it through the experience alive as a direct result of the injuries that she suffered as a direct result of the accident that she had with the automobile. As a consequence of the injuries that she sustained, she did not make it through the experience alive.

It has been confirmed that the woman’s name is Laurie Brietzke, and several members of the woman’s extended family have stated that she is 47 years old and that she is the mother of two of her own children. Brietzke uprooted her life and moved from Kelowna to Abbotsford not too long ago in order to be closer to her spouse, who is now her husband-in-law. Brietzke’s previous residence was in Abbotsford. Brietzke has just just moved into a fresh new home in the Abbotsford area. An collision took place on Friday evening at 7:45 local time close to the crossroads where Gladwin Road and Bevan Avenue meet.

The incident occurred in the area. The location referred to in this sentence was where the occurrence of the incident took place. Even though the driver of the vehicle that had hit her had run away from the site of the accident, the authorities were still able to locate him within a respectable length of time after the event had taken place. On Saturday, December 17, the police issued a statement to the press stating that the driver had been identified and that they were in the process of interrogating them. The statement also stated that the investigation was ongoing. In addition to that, the statement revealed that the inquiry was still continuing on.

The announcement was made on the same day that the statement was distributed. In addition to that, it was said in the statement that the investigation was still active at this time even though it had already been completed. In addition to this, the statement disclosed that the investigation was, in point of fact, still in progress despite everything. Immediately after the accident, Brietzke was rushed to the hospital; however, regrettably, she was unable to overcome the repercussions of her injuries, and on December 18th, she passed suddenly unexpectedly.

Following the occurrence, members of her family have asserted that she was hurt in some kind, and as a result, she was transported to the hospital to receive medical treatment. They claim that this took place after the incident took place.