Lisa Sillins Death, Obituary – The untimely departure of our beloved friend and colleague Lisa Sillins, who passed away on Friday as a consequence of being engaged in a vehicle accident, has led the Ambulnz family to be in a state of tremendous sadness today. Lisa passed away on Friday as a result of being involved in the accident. Following her involvement in the accident on Friday, Lisa unfortunately passed away as a result of her injuries. Lisa sadly could not survive the injuries she had as a consequence of her involvement in the accident on Friday, and she passed away as a result.

Lisa was a kind and devoted paramedic who gave support to patients in a dedicated manner. Because of these qualities, she was a much-loved part of the Ambulnz team. Lisa was a hard-working paramedic who put her patients’ needs first. Her fellow athletes, the patients she treated as a doctor, and the whole community to which she dedicated her life to assisting all looked up to her as an example of professionalism and altruism and looked up to her as a role model. Everyone who was in the immediate area of her profited from her presence as a result of the excellent influence she made. This was because of the fantastic impact she had.

Lisa has more than twenty years of expertise in the field of local emergency medical services, which she has accumulated since she started working there. She was one of the first persons to join the staff at our Upstate New York office, and in the time since then, she has grown to become an essential component of the Ambulnz family. Because she made such an indelible mark on each and every one of her loved ones, her upbeat manner, amazing sense of humor, and fun-loving personality will never be forgotten by any of them. Her career in emergency medical services (EMS), in which she provided care for both patients and coworkers, took precedence over everything else in her life. Her patients and coworkers were the most important people in her life. She had a strong commitment to her professional life.

After her demise, everyone in her EMS family, including her coworkers, friends, and family, as well as everyone else in her EMS family, will grieve her tremendously. This includes everyone else in her EMS family. Her entire EMS family is going to miss her tremendously and heartily. At this time, she and those she loves are in our thoughts and prayers; in particular, her mother, her brothers, her sister, and the rest of her extended family are on our minds and in our prayers. As soon as information on funeral arrangements becomes available, we will post an update on our website that provides that information as well as any other pertinent changes. This update will also contain any other information that becomes available.