Richard Johnson  Death, Obituary   We learned over the weekend that Uncle Richard Johnson had passed away, and as a direct consequence, our hearts are burdened down with an incredible sense of loss as a result of this news.The duties that Uncle Richie played as an Elder of the Gooreng Gooreng, a leader of the First Nations people, and a guide earned him a great deal of respect across our community. The vast majority of individuals had positive feelings toward him and appreciated him.

He was a stalwart supporter of First Nations people, particularly on a local level, and he was frequently seen at community events serving as the person in charge of the “Welcome to Country” ceremony. In addition, he was a staunch advocate for indigenous rights. He was a stalwart supporter of the rights of individuals from First Nations communities. He would openly share his knowledge and experience with the community that he held in such high regard, and he would always ensure that each Welcome was distinctive to the occasion for which it was given.

Uncle Richie had a deep and abiding interest in the goings-on of a vast number of Indigenous communities and organizations. When Uncle Richie spoke, everybody stopped what they were doing in order to pay attention to what he had to say and everyone did so attentively. The Council would like to express its gratitude to the Johnson family for granting us permission to recognize Uncle Richie on social media in order to pay our respects to a member of our community who was deeply cherished and held in the highest regard by all. In doing so, the Council will be able to pay tribute to someone who was held in the highest regard by all.

By carrying out this action, the Council will have the opportunity to pay respect to an individual who was regarded in the utmost esteem by all. During this trying time, we are keeping Richie’s three daughters, Naomi, Nonnie, and Annie, as well as his 11 grandchildren, four great grandchildren, and the rest of the Johnson family in our thoughts and prayers. Our hearts go out to each and every one of them during this difficult time.
In memory of Uncle Richie, the flags atop the Council Chambers are lowered to their lowest possible position today, and this will remain the case for the remainder of the week as well. The event we are holding today is in his honor and memory.