Rick Meuser Death, Obituary – My attorney of more than 20 years, Rick Meuser, abruptly withdrew his services, and I didn’t find out about it until after he had already left the office. I was quite disappointed. This sad and unanticipated sequence of events came about unexpectedly. I was in absolute astonishment. Even though Rick had learned about a month before the time of his passing that he had pancreatic cancer, the news of his passing came as something of a surprise to everyone who had been close to him in the past. The news of his death came as a total and absolute surprise to everyone. No one was prepared for it at all.

In addition to the fact that he was an exceptionally skilled attorney, everyone who collaborated with him thought of him as a reliable friend. He was a pioneer in his field. Always fair, never once betrayed my confidence, and offered direction that was invariably founded on cogent logic. A reliable source of information that can be relied on at all times. Rick was the one in charge of making the vast majority of business agreements to which I was a party during the bulk of the time that I spent working in television and radio. During this period, I spent the most of my time working in television and radio.

Rick was the one who was ultimately in charge of making the great majority of the commercial deals to which I was a party. The great majority of the time, he would engage in this particular activity. I will miss him not just as a personal friend but also in the role that he performed as my legal advise because he was incredibly essential to me in both of these facets. I will miss him because he was an extremely significant person to me. I shall remember him fondly for the role that he served as my legal counsel because I will miss him.

To everyone in his family and his close circle of friends, as well as to everyone he worked with professionally and personally, and to all of his clients and customers, my sincere condolences go out to you all. I am really sorry for the loss that you have suffered. I want to express my deepest condolences for the loss that you have endured.