Robert Ramirez III Obituary, Death – The body of the commanding officer of SEAL Team 1, who had not been seen since Monday, was reportedly discovered in his San Diego County home on Wednesday, according to sources in the Navy. Since Monday, the commanding commander had vanished. Robert Ramirez III was 47 years old when it happened. Officials from Naval Special Warfare state that although it does not appear that his death was the result of any criminal activity, the investigation into the circumstances of his death is still underway.

The commander of Naval Special Warfare Group 1, which is in charge of overseeing all Navy SEAL forces stationed in San Diego, Captain David Abernathy, sent his sympathies to Ramirez’s family. San Diego is home to Naval Special Warfare Group 1. Bobby was referred to by Abernathy as an “excellent leader” in a statement. He was also referred to as “a great friend to us all” and a “devoted husband and parent.” “The loss of this person will be felt deeply by everyone in our community, not just by those who knew him personally.

We will keep giving Bobby’s family, friends, and teammates all the support they require from everyone on the team at this really trying time.” I’m in shock.” On December 19, Cmdr. Robert Ramirez III, the SEAL Team 1 commander, was found dead in his San Diego home. Peace be upon him. I’ve known Anne Ramirez and Robert Ramirez III since we were in high school together. They have made sacrifices to advance the objectives of the United States and have faithfully served our country during numerous deployments.”

There doesn’t seem to have been any wrongdoing in this instance, according to the Naval Special Warfare Command. According to the authorities, Ramirez’s family has requested to remain anonymous. In 1996, Ramirez enlisted. 2004 marked the year that he received his commission. Three Combat Action Ribbons, three Bronze Star Decorations, and a total of six medals for his service in Iraq and Afghanistan together make up his list of honors and distinctions.