Steven Albert Obituary – An unexpected death has befallen Steven Albert, a Psychic Medium and well-known Astrologer. We became aware of Steven Albert’s passing through a post that was made on Facebook; Hello, Hello, everyone! Hello, everyone! My name is Kim, and many of you probably already know me as the one who attends to “all the details” for Steve’s events. I’m happy to introduce myself. I have to break the news to you with a heavy heart, but Steve has finally returned from his journey “beyond and back” for the final time.

We humbly ask that you accept our request for privacy in the manner outlined above. We are at a loss for answers, and in this time of need, we ask that you pray for us and think positive thoughts in order to help us get through this difficult time. As they mourn the loss of their loved one, Steve’s family requests that they be given the space and solitude they need during this difficult time.

We are going to have to cancel all of his appointments and provide full refunds for any events tickets that have already been purchased. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please accept our sincere apologies for any trouble this may create. Oh my goodness, the situation is simply so dreadfully terrible! Even though I was only able to go see him once, he left a lasting impression on me each and every time. He was a wonderful individual who assisted a large number of others in enhancing their reading ability.

I hope and pray that he will be at rest for the rest of eternity. My deepest condolences go out to every member of his family, as well as to all of his friends and the people he worked with. It is beyond any shadow of a doubt in my mind that he was successful in making a positive impact in the lives of a considerable number of individuals. When I read this piece of news late yesterday night, I was taken utterly aback by it. What is happening with his family right now is something that I cannot even begin to grasp, and that is saying a lot.

I participated in a few events that included other people, and in addition to that, I had two private readings with him. Together, we attended a total of six different events. Every single one of them took me by surprise. I couldn’t believe it! In certain areas, he possessed insights that my late spouse may have merely had the possibility of knowing, but which this man possessed in full.