Zachary Good Obituary, Death – Zachary Good a Professional Tattoo Artist at Aisle 9 Tattoo has passed away. Zachary lived in Dayton, Ohio. I met Zachary Good in the month of December of last year. When he tattooed me for the first time, we clicked right away, and even since then, we haven’t been able to stay apart. The blessing of having Zach in my life for only four more years has greatly improved it. He had kindness. He was giving. He seemed to be thinking deeply. He truly cared about other people’s well-being. I knew I could call him at any time of the night, and he would pick up and be there to listen.

It was one of those friendships. One of those friends was him. I simply cannot conceive that the final time I see him will be the final time we meet for coffee or sit on a couch and discuss significant issues. I’m glad I have a tattoo of him on my arm because it means I’ll always have a piece of him with me. I’m writing to check on the health of your family. Call the number. Send an SMS to them. Join them for lunch as well. Do it now and don’t postpone. Life will always move more quickly. Spend some time with the individuals who matter to you.

The adage “you never know until it’s too late” is true and not merely a platitude. Zach and I were fairly close friends as children. Due to our age difference and the fact that we are cousins, we have a lot of childhood memories. One of my favorite memories of us from our younger years is when we were both attempting to cram as much gum into our lips at once. I can recall laughing so hard that my gum flew out of my lips; regrettably, it fell into my long hair and stayed there. My aunt Susan struggled mightily to get the information out of her head.

When I gave birth to Abigail, Zach instantly developed feelings for her and began to smile wildly anytime he was near her. On the other hand, Abigail had no doubts about her love for Zach. As the years went by, Zach’s wish was realized, and he was able to exhibit his amazing artwork and transform it into breathtaking tattoos. As a result, many people traveled by plane from all over the world to get tattooed by Zach. I consider myself really lucky to be able to wear his artwork permanently on my arm. Without Zach, my family will never be the same, but I know that Zach’s great artwork and his vivid soul will go on for a very long time. Zach, you will always be cherished and sadly missed.