Angel Luna Death, Obituary – It was decided early on Friday morning, based on the findings of an autopsy that Angel Luna had been the victim of a homicide. Her body had been found on Thursday night. The results of the autopsy led to this conclusion being drawn about the situation. This conclusion was arrived at on Thursday, just a few minutes after twelve o’clock in the morning. This verdict is a direct consequence of the results that were acquired from the autopsy that was performed on her body. An autopsy had been performed on her body, and it had been concluded successfully without any complications.

The dead body that was discovered in a pond close to Bargersville on Thursday has been identified as that of a man from Indianapolis who was 19 years old, according to a statement that was released by the Johnson County coroner on Thursday evening. The statement was made public by the Johnson County coroner. The statement that was issued contained the information that related to this identification in some capacity. After the coroner’s shift for the day had finished, the statement was released to the public shortly thereafter. The coroner for Johnson County has been quite kind in supplying us with this information and we are very grateful for his assistance.

The dead body of the individual who had gone away was discovered on Thursday of the same week. The authority that was responsible for making the information accessible to the public in the first place, the Johnson County coroner, is the one who disclosed the identify of the victim to the broader public. On Friday, the first thing that will occur is that Angel Luna will have an autopsy conducted on her. This will be the initial step in the investigation. The first stage will consist of doing this. It has been determined that the test will go forward at the same time that it was previously scheduled for.

After her body has been removed and taken away from the location, the decaying fragments of her body will be investigated further. When officers from the Bargersville Police Department arrived at work on Thursday morning, they made the discovery when they discovered the corpse of a deceased individual floating in a pond. The discovery was made by the police. When the cops arrived at their place of employment, they made the finding. The body of the deceased individual had been lying there in that location ever since it had been discovered there the day before, which was the previous day.