Blu Rolland Death, Obituary – A 5-year-old boy’s body was found in his Arkansas home by his mother and her boyfriend. His 6-year-old sister is injured in Memphis. This happened near Moro, Arkansas, just west of Memphis. Blu Rolland, 5, and Taylor Rolland, 6, have many fractured ribs, burns, and more, according to their grandma. She claims her grandson was in a box. He recently turned six. Glenda Farrell observed. You live right here and don’t notice anything unusual.” Farrell resides nearby in Moro, Arkansas. Farrell said the family moved in this summer. Blu’s older sister, 6-year-old Taylor, was taken from the family by her paternal grandmother, Karen Rolland. Rolland wouldn’t go on camera but said she’d been battling for visitation privileges for months.

Rolland heard Taylor whimpering. I busted through the door because I didn’t like the whimpering. She sounded pained. Ashley Rolland, Taylor and Blu’s mother, was married to Karen Rolland’s son. Rolland claims she saw the youngsters a few months ago. She says visits halted when the children’s mother’s boyfriend, Nathan Bridges, drew a pistol on her son. Rolland claims a lawyer told them not to visit after the event. Rolland’s visiting privileges were restored by court order. She claims she went to Bridges’ home on Dec. 16 and saw Taylor injured but no grandchild.

Rolland stated she had puncture marks like scissors in her skull. It seemed she had been strangled, had bite marks on her legs, cracked ribs, and a fractured leg that didn’t heal properly. Rolland’s granddaughter informed her that Nathan Bridges poured boiling water on her mother. Rolland claims Taylor’s mother said he had a rash. She assumed her granddaughter was her 5-year-old grandson since she was so tiny. Blu is with family and friends, Rolland said. The youngster has second- and third-degree burns on her arms, chest, and feet, adds Rolland. Farrell called it horrific.

Tragic. Taylor was emaciated and weighed 36 pounds, Rolland said. Rolland claims family members approached the mother and her lover, who finally confessed. They dubbed Blu’s death an accident. Authorities later recovered Blu’s body. Taylor is currently healing at the Memphis hospital. Ashley Rolland is accused of capital murder, abuse of a body, tampering with physical evidence, endangering a minor’s welfare, first-degree violence, and condoning child abuse.