Bryce Melvin Obituary, Death – Accepting that Bryce is no longer with us is challenging. Due to our separation throughout the previous few years, we hadn’t communicated much; instead, we caught up via an accidental Snapchat or Discord message. However, I’m happy that we were able to have lunch together two years ago around the holidays. His disposition and sense of humor had not changed. Despite his development, he remained the same youngster we knew when he was younger.

We initially met Bryce in seventh grade. He was behind me in Home Economics. As a shy youngster, we spent a lot of time playing video games, either alone myself or with a few close friends. Then we heard Bryce talking about one of my favorite video games, RuneScape. We immediately began conversing and having fun together. At one time, in order to finish the game more quickly, we shared an account. A friendship that lasted for many late nights filled with laughter and games till dawn was sparked by that unexpected encounter.

In high school, we went to a concert in Wichita to see some of our favorite bands perform. We remember how scared we all got when Three Days Grace started singing a version of Eminem’s Lose Yourself. We’re rather worried young man, so we didn’t really know what to do with myself. What if we dance in an odd way and others notice? Then we saw Bryce. He was completely anxiety-free. Along with dancing, he was singing. You’d best lose yourself in the music, the moment, the band sung, and Bryce concurred.

We realized at that point that we didn’t need to worry. We imitated him by jumping and singing as well. We were immediately engrossed in the music. Bryce never felt ashamed to express his devotion to those he cared about. He inspired people to believe in themselves and remained loyal to those who showed him love. We know how much Bryce loved his family and we can’t imagine how upset the Melvin family is right now. We hope it brings your family some comfort to know that Bryce left a lasting impression on everyone around him, especially on me, and that he lives on in those who had the honor of knowing him.