George Woodson Death, Obituary – Officer George A. Woodson, who passed away not too long ago, is being recognized and remembered for his life as well as the service he offered as a member of the California Highway Patrol. This tribute is being made in recognition of both his life and the work he did for the CHP. This plaque honors not just his life but also the contributions he has made to this community (CHP). (EOW) Officer George A. Woodson was 32 years old and had spent his entire life in Lakewood, the city in which he was born and raised. Woodson had been a member of the Lakewood Police Department for the entirety of his life. His whole career as a law enforcement officer was spent in Lakewood, where he worked as a police officer.

When he was out riding his motorcycle on December 23, 1955, he experienced a loss of control on a rain-soaked off-ramp of the Santa Ana Freeway at Frontage Road in the city of Norwalk. Norwalk was the location where the event took place. He was run over by the vehicle, which finally led to his passing, and he died right there at the scene of the accident. He was removed from this world as a direct result of a murder that was committed. Woodson devoted his whole career as a law enforcement officer with the Lakewood Police Department to serving the community and assisting those in need.

As part of his devotion to the department, he carried out the aforementioned task. The event in question occurred in Norwalk, which was identified as the location to which it ought to have been brought up. However, this did not happen. Officer Woodson was riding his motorbike at the time of the event, and he had just gotten started on his ride when the incident took place. The incident in issue had place in Norwalk, and it was determined that Norwalk was the proper area to which it should have been taken up. On the other hand, this did not take place.

A passing motorist saw that Woodson was dozing off as he was resting next to his motorbike and a chain-link fence, and he jolted him up. Woodson had been taking a break at that location. The one who was operating the vehicle was the one who awoke him from his slumber and drew his attention to the situation. It had been a long length of time since his most recent trip to that region. he had not been there in quite some time. he He was unable to regain consciousness before he passed away when he was a patient at the Carobil Hospital, despite the fact that he was taken there. Soon after his passage, he succumbed to his injuries and died. While he was a patient there, he lost his battle with illness and passed away.