Heidi Eng Obituary, Death – My entire being is in a state of disarray right now. Someone with a lovely personality, who was friendly to everyone and had the most fantastic flair, passed away much too soon after their battle with cancer. Heidi Eng was consistently one of my favorite people to spend dinner with, and she was always ready to lend a hand when it was required. In the year 2021, I was the leader of a team that was working to raise money to assist the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s aim of finding a cure for cancer.

Heidi was a member of the team that I headed, and she helped raise money for the cause. As a direct result of her boundless excitement, we were able to bring in more than $91,000 in a little more than 10 weeks. I would like to thank Heidi for all of the assistance, food, and beverages that she supplied, as well as for her sense of humor. In addition, I want to convey my gratitude for her sense of humor. It is impossible for me to explain in an accurate manner not just how much of an impact you had on me, but also how much of an impact you had on the whole world.

You made an impact not only on myself, but also on everyone else in the room. I’m not the only one you influenced. You were a major reason why the interaction was such a positive experience overall. I am grateful that despite the fact that you are an amazing person, you still chose to spend some time with me so that I could get to know you better. You are an awesome person.