Jackie Hamilton Obituary – Jackie Hamilton, a married father of three who had been 28 years old when he passed away, had suffered a brain damage as a result of an attempted murder that had been carried out by the PIRA four years prior to the time that Jackie Hamilton passed away. The attempted murder had been carried out at the same time that the PIRA had attempted to murder Jackie Hamilton. Jackie Hamilton had already passed away by the time the attempted murder took place, which was four years earlier. The unsuccessful attempt to kill the president took occurred in the year.

Jackie Hamilton was a devout Christian and lived a life of holiness right up until the moment he passed away. An off-duty member of the UDR was on his way to work along Castlefin Road in Castlederg, County Tyrone, on the morning of May 1, 1980, when he was ambushed by more than 25 armed men and shot multiple times. Castlederg was the location where the event took place. It was determined that he had passed away at the scene. It was speculated that he could be able to secure employment in Newtownstewart at some point in the not too distant future.

The car was involved in a second accident with another wall after it had previously been involved in one collision with the wall. Mr. Hamilton was struck by a number of bullets, some of which entered his skull, others his neck, and still others his legs. As a result of the injuries he sustained, he was unable to make a full recovery, and as a consequence, he passed away. As a consequence of the attack, he suffered brain damage, which, in the long run, led to the beginning of epilepsy.

Mrs. Hamilton utilized the signs and symptoms of the illness that had led to Mr. Hamilton’s death four years earlier as a compass to follow in order to locate the graveyard where her husband was buried. This allowed Mrs. Hamilton to find her husband more quickly. The sickness was ultimately what caused Mr. Hamilton’s passing away. On Christmas Day in 1984, funeral services were held for a family member who had passed away the previous year.

This person had left the family the year before. The passing of Mister Hamilton’s mother occurred exactly eleven days after the event in question had happened. The following are excerpts from an interview with Mr. Hamilton’s nephew that were read out on the radio; the whole interview can be accessed by following the link that has been provided here: