Jon Veal Obituary, Death – Jon Veal an Auxiliary Board Member at Design Museum of Chicago has passed away.
Jon was a Co- Founder & Director at ALT, Chicago, a former 2021 Latham Fellow at IIT Institute of Design, Communications & Outreach Coordinator at Rebuild Foundation, Teaching artist at After School Matters and Artist-in-residence at Oak Park Public Library. I was devastated to learn of Jon Veal’s passing since he had such a wonderful and significant soul.

Astonishment that someone who has improved their status to such a degree and significantly improved the lives of others will depart the neighborhood soon. I’ll never forget Jon’s unwavering faith, infectious personality, and unwavering optimism. He wanted to prepare me dinner and share a meal with Jordan as a way to give back and connect with people who give so much of themselves for the good of others, and I remember his reaching out to me. We did this to express our gratitude to individuals who sacrifice a lot of themselves for the good of others.

We can learn more about the kind of man he was by looking more closely at actions like that. I’m reminded of his painting exhibit, which was on display in the Chicago Art Department and served as an emotional monument to both his father and his development. He was the first visitor to the art exhibit I was hosting at Compound Yellow, so I made sure to get a photo of him with me. His presence brought me some much-needed serenity in the midst of the turmoil as I was starting to get a little agitated. We walked across the street to a florist after I advised Marcelo that men should also receive flowers.

There, I had the chance to choose some flowers for Marcelo to receive. As a show of appreciation for his work with Alt_ and his time spent here, Jon received more than simply flowers. He was also given a sizable bouquet of flowers. I ask God to give him and his family courage and blessings as they navigate this period of transition. We won’t ever cease thinking about you.

A Venal I just can’t believe that you’re not here anymore and that this is really happening. I’m still amazed and in awe of your ability to illuminate such a vast range of aspects of life. The loss of the lovely energy you possessed will cause the many people whose lives you have touched to feel great sadness. Stand up and relax. Man, I love you.