Shundra Vines Death, Obituary – A lady in her forties was identified as the person who was killed in a shooting that took place on Thursday morning in Ensley. The incident resulted in a fatality. The occurrence was found to have taken place in Ensley. As a direct consequence of the occurrence, the victim was ultimately shot. The victim finally succumbed to their wounds and passed away as a direct result of the incident that they were involved in. It was discovered that Ensley was the location where the incident that had occurred earlier had taken place. The woman eventually passed away as a direct result of the incident that took place.

Which ultimately led to her suffering and injuries to the point where she eventually succumbed to them. At around 12:36 in the morning, the lifeless body of Shundra Denise McCray Vines was discovered inside a house in the Ensley neighborhood of Ensley, which is located on the 2500 block of 24th Street. Within the city of Ensley may be found the neighborhood known as Ensley. The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office has supplied us with certification that this specific piece of information is true for our records, and we gratefully accept their assistance in this matter. I am indebted to you for the assistance that you have offered during this process.

When the clock struck twelve o’clock, nobody noticed that there were missing Vines. It wasn’t until a minute and eight seconds had elapsed that anyone realized their absence. Prior to it, nobody had the slightest idea what was taking place. The Homicide Unit of the Birmingham Police Department is now conducting an investigation to ascertain whether or not the circumstances surrounding the death of the individual were compatible with a homicide. They are looking into whether or not the dead individual was murdered.

They are conducting an investigation to determine whether or not the individual who passed away was killed. They are carrying out an investigation in order to identify whether or not the person who died away was the victim of homicide. If you have an emergency and need to contact the Birmingham Police Department, you can do so by dialing the following number. The organization urges that anybody who has any information on the incident or who feels that they may have information on the incident get in touch with them as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to do so.