Terry Frese Death, Obituary – Terry Frese, who was 79 years old at the time of his death, was identified as the passenger who perished in the tragic Amtrak accident by the Las Animas County Coroner’s Office, which was able to determine with absolute certainty that he was the victim of the collision. At the time of his passing, Frese had reached the age of 79. The office of the coroner was able to arrive at this decision after conducting the investigation and doing an autopsy on the body of the dead passenger. It is well knowledge that Frese was born in Sterling, which is his hometown and the location of his birthplace.

n December 10, Frese lost his life in a terrible turn of events after being struck and killed by an Amtrak train in the 18000 block of C.R. 75.1. The incident occurred in the middle of the night. This unfortunate course of events transpired in a locality that is referred to as C.R. 75.1. The incident took place in a part of the county that had just recently been subjected to major destruction. That specific day was the one on which he breathed his last breath and passed away, and it was also the day that we said goodbye to him. He had just emerged from a driveway before to the incident and was in the midst of moving forward into the street in front of him when it took place.

This had a direct and immediate effect, since it resulted in the collision that took place. The Las Animas County Coroner’s Office arrived at the scene after conducting their preliminary investigation, during which they discovered that the victim had already left before their arrival and that they were unable to locate them. After this, they arrived at the scene and continued their investigation, but they were unable to find the victim. They were able to draw the conclusion from this information that the victim had already been slain before their arrival. After this person has died away, an autopsy will be performed on their dead body so that it may be analyzed and examined.

This will take place after the individual has passed away. This is being done so that we may get more information about what went occurred and why it happened. The information that can be found on his Facebook page suggests that he went on to complete his junior year of college at Northeastern Junior College after completing his high school education at Iliff in Colorado and earning his graduation in 1967. This information suggests that he went on to complete his high school education at Iliff in Colorado. After that, he moved on with his study by enrolling in Northeastern Junior College to finish the junior year of his education there.