Chantelle Lutchman Obituary, Death – Chantelle Lutchman has sadly passed away. He was a good father who consistently provided his family with his complete attention in all situations. He had a gentle personality with a sense of humor and was kind, kind, compassionate, courageous, generous, and resilient with his health. He was selfless and had a sensitive spirit. He was an exceptional human being in every respect. He was born in Trinidad in 1941, although he settled in Oshawa in the 1960s. His birthplace was Trinidad.

During this time, he started a family, which eventually grew to encompass the entirety of the city. Following a career spanning more than three decades with Chrysler, I have decided to take early retirement. The Toronto Blue Jays were a particular favorite, but watching sports, in general, was something that he enjoyed doing. We would want to join you in honoring this lovely man who was a friend to many people as well as a husband, father, and grandfather. We had an unreserved love and respect for him as he was someone we held in such high regard.

Dear Daddy, we hope that we will get the opportunity to visit with you once more in the not-too-distant future. Beverly Lutchman’s cherished husband and best friend (nee Demers). Drisdelle is the grandfather of the children Leigha, Justyn, and Kyle. The father of Lekha Drisdelle, whose maiden name was Lutchmansingh, Gary Drisdelle is her husband. He is the biological father of Asha Farrell (who was formerly known as Asha Lutchmansingh), his grandkids Jaylyn and Preston, and their fiancee Carmina Serrano, as well as his son-in-law, Calvin Farrell.

In addition, he is the grandfather of Jaylyn Farrell and Preston Farrell. Saiya Bennett and Matthew Bennett are his grandchildren, and he is the father of Tara Bennett (previously Lutchmansingh), who is married to Mark Bennett. The grandfather of John and Katrina Lutchman, as well as the grandfather of Olivia Lutchman (both of whom are Krause).