Ezekiel Magana Death, Obituary – My much loved nephew was taken from this world in an unexpected manner on the 22nd of December, and Grand Island was the location of his passing. He was the lone individual of his species. It is a terrible thing that no parent should ever have to go through the ordeal of losing a child; this is something that should never have to happen. We never imagined to be making preparations for Ezekiel’s burial or wondering how we will pay for it because he lived such a vibrant and active life. Unfortunately, my sister Carmen has had to face this dreadful possibility in her life.

The absolute last thing that I want Carmen to be worried about is how she will pay for the funeral of her child. I don’t want her to have to worry about that. It was evident that his lovely smile had a contagious element to it. Because he loved his mother more than anything else in the world, he was unable to take his sight away from her at any moment. She meant more to him than anything else in the world combined. He had the capacity for such passionate love and always gave the best hugs. I am here to aid in making the transition during this tough time for my younger sister a little bit smoother.

It is possible that her entire world may be ripped away from her in the blink of an eye, and I am here to help make that transition as seamless as possible. In most cases, the holiday season (namely Christmas) is the time of year that motivates us to share wonderful and remarkable experiences with the people we care about. But things aren’t going according to plan this year at all. On the other side, it could serve as a moving reminder for certain individuals of the loved ones who aren’t around to take part in the celebrations since they aren’t here. Instead of making arrangements for all of the enjoyable things that Christmas brings to many people.

We are making preparations for the send-off that Ezekiel is due. The sudden loss of Ezekiel brings with it a significant amount of pain and suffering for everyone. Today, I would want to make a plea for aid to all of our loved ones, including our friends, our family, and the community at large. My sister has approved of me participating in this charitable event in her honor, and she has given me her blessing. I hope that the funds raised will give his parents some breathing space and financial peace of mind, allowing them to grieve without the added stress of having to worry about money as they deal with the funeral costs.