Johnnie Page Death, Obituary – Johnnie Page was an incredible individual who was also a wonderful friend and a dedicated coworker. He will be sorely missed by many. On December 22, 2022, Johnnie (Tre) Page, who was 35 years old at the time of his tragic demise from a heart attack, went away suddenly and unexpectedly. He was a loving father, a fervent enthusiast of the natural world and the great outdoors, and a devout follower of his Christian religion. He passed away as a devoted follower of Christ. He is survived by his three children: a son, who is currently 11 years old, and two daughters, who are currently 9 years old and 3 years old respectively.

The oldest of the three children is the man’s son. The courageous fight against her disease that Tre’s wife waged a year ago ultimately resulted in a tragic loss: she went away as a direct result of the illness. Tre had spent the previous six years working for EthosEnergy PPS in the ETEC facilities situated in Shepherd and Livingston, Texas, before to arriving at this point in time. These plants are located in Texas. Being in his company was always a pleasure, and one could always count on him to make other people laugh, whether it was through a joke, a song, or a witty statement. Being in his presence was always a treat.

This was the case regardless of the mode of communication. Being in his company did not make me feel obligated to do anything or that I was being bothered in any way. After completing his education at Shepherd High School, Blinn College, and Sam Houston State University, he went on to work in a variety of fields, including the real estate market and at Baker Hughes, where he had a number of positions across a range of departments.

The planning of this benefit is being done in the expectation that it will provide his family with the means necessary to meet the monetary obligations connected with his burial and the requirements that the children will have for the foreseeable future. We are thankful that you took the time to read his story, and we would be thankful for any support you could give if you are in a position to do so. We are pleased that you took the time to read his story.