Josh Kennington Death, Obituary – Private The presentation that is going to take place here will be given by Josh Kennington, who is a member of the Royal Logistics Corps. On the 24th of November, Josh, who had been rushed to the hospital after suddenly fainting on the 18th of that month, had his life support unexpectedly turned off. Josh had passed away earlier in the month. After the other members of the Medical Corps were successful in getting his heart to start beating again, he was sent to an intensive care unit in a hospital that was located in Darlington for more treatment (ICU).

Josh passed away the following morning in a calm manner after the medical staff made every effort to bring Josh out of his coma and attempt to resuscitate him, but unfortunately, they were failed in doing so. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to save his life. Josh had been in a coma for the majority of the previous day, which was the day before yesterday. Before the collision, the young guy who was driving had a history of being an enthusiastic athlete who led a healthy lifestyle. He had a history of being active in a healthy lifestyle before the collision.

Josh has had the aspiration ever since he was a young child to one day join the military services of his country and serve his country. He pursued his goal of becoming an Army Cadet by enrolling in the Army Cadet Program when he was 12 years old. This allowed him to realize his goal of becoming an Army Cadet. It is common knowledge that he possesses a level head in addition to a compassionate heart, and he has professional goals that would see him move up the ranks of the firm that he now works for.

He also has a caring heart. We respectfully request that you join us in paying tribute to the brave young man who is now serving our nation, and we would like to extend our gratitude to you in advance for doing so. At this time, all of those who were dear to him and cared for him are being remembered in our thoughts and prayers. They were close to him and cared for him. Those people who were privileged enough to be able to call him a friend will undoubtedly feel a feeling of loss upon learning of his passing because they were able to call him a friend.