Richard Bainbridge Obituary, Death – Richard Bainbridge has passed away. He has been Sharon’s beloved spouse for a number of years, and he is the man she cherishes. This man, who is also Tiegan, Bradley, and Curtis’s father, is a caring father to all three of his children. A grandfather who is overjoyed every time he thinks about his grandchildren Charlie-Mae, Savannah, and Harvey because he adores them so much and because they bring him so much joy. The most cherished child of George and Mary, who doted on him constantly and showered him with all of their love and care.

One who is held in extremely high esteem and who also happens to be Ashley’s brother. Melvyn and Karen’s compassionate son-in-law, in addition to being a devoted member of the family. A cherished member of more than one family, who, among other things, fills the roles of nephew, uncle, cousin, brother-in-law, and friend. It is desired that friends and family members attend the funeral service that will take place on Tuesday, October 31 at 10:00 am in the Independent Methodist Church that is located on Easington Lane.

The service will be held in memory of a loved one who passed away. The funeral service will be followed immediately by the cremation of the body, which will take place at the Sunderland Crematorium. When the match is complete, please make your way to the Eppleton Cricket Club so that we may serve you some refreshments. We’ll be waiting for you there. Arrangements of flowers are reserved exclusively for the members of the family.

In place of flowers, memorial contributions can be made, at your option, to either the Eppleton Cricket Club Juniors or the Great North Air Ambulance. Please let us know which organization you would prefer we support. At the Church, there will be a collection plate available for use by anyone who would like to contribute to the cause.