Richard Gonzales Death, Obituary – Member of the Bull O’ the Woods crew was taken away from us in a manner that was both totally unexpected and unplanned for. On the evening of December 19, 2022, when Richard Gonzales was driving home from his job, he was engaged in a devastating car accident, which eventually led to his untimely death. Richard Gonzales passed away as a result of his untimely death. Richard Gonzales was taken from this world as a result of the terrible accident that befell him. Richard Gonzales, sadly, did not survive the collision in which he was involved. It has been determined that there is no information that can be located on the circumstances that surrounded his passing. As a direct consequence of the tragedy that took place,

Richard’s life was tragically cut short and ended far too soon. After his passing, the only members of his family who are still alive are his three children, Jennifer, Bianca, and Jose Gonzales, as well as his grandson, Hendrix Quintana. His wife also predeceased him. Additionally, their son Hendrix Quintana is still with them today. Jennifer Gonzales, who was his wife, would also pass away after his passing. The only person who will remember him is his wife of many years, Arlene Fresquez. She was his constant companion throughout his life, and she will be the only person who does. The fact that he was now a grandpa came on top of everything else he had done and every other role he performed in his life.

In the midst of this incomprehensibly difficult period, his family has politely and respectfully enquired about the possibility of obtaining assistance with the financial burdens related with the burial of Richard. They require monetary assistance in order to continue. They are asking for monetary contributions at this time. They would want to express their most heartfelt appreciation for any help that may be provided to them at this time. During this trying time, we would be incredibly appreciative of any donations or notes of condolence that may be sent our way. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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