Stephen McDowell Death, Obituary – On the morning of December 21st, 2022, Stephen McDowell went away suddenly and unexpectedly as a result of circumstances that no one could have foreseen and that no one could have predicted. No one could have known about his passing. At that moment in time, he was 58 years old after having just just celebrated his birthday. At that particular moment in history, he was the most outstanding example of a father and a spouse that could be found anywhere in the many galaxies and dimensions of the entire universe. You would have turned 69 years old today, but the Lord decided to call you home two days early in order to celebrate your birthday in person with you, His loyal servant. This was His way of showing how much He appreciates your service to Him.

This choice was made so that the Lord may recognize your commitment to Him on the day that you are celebrating your wonderful day together. He exerted himself to this degree in order to be with you at the moment when you attained that important milestone in your life. You would have turned 69 years old today had you been here to celebrate your birthday with us today. If you had been here, we could have wished you a happy birthday in person. He had a profound sense of gratitude toward you as a result of the aid that you had provided for him, which was a result of the fact that you had assisted him.

I could not have asked for a braver, stronger, more loving, loyal, or more committed parent and husband than you were. You were all I could have wished for and more. You were better than anything I could have hoped for or imagined. You devoted each and every one of your thoughts, energies, and thoughts to your family in every possible way. No matter how long I live, I will never grow tired of expressing my gratitude to you. You will always be there in our thoughts and memories, and we promise that we will never forget you no matter how much time passes between now and the end of our life.

At this very now, we are keeping a running tally of the amount of seconds that will pass before we are all reunited with one another once more. You are the center of our undivided and unreserved affection, yet it does not even begin to scratch the surface of how we feel about you.