Orion Aurand Obituary, Death – Orion Aurand has unexpectedly passed away. Orion, our loyal kid, you are on our minds a lot. Our brief 27-year relationship with you was filled with love, memorable moments, and challenging situations. Know that you are in everyone’s thoughts and prayers as you navigate your way back into the light at home and in the world at this trying time. We are extremely proud of you for your love, kindness, tenacity, bravery, and never-ending enthusiasm to provide a helping hand. We love and miss you more than words can say, and we wish you were here.

I was shocked and incensed when I first learned of this. He is a wonderful lighthouse. Sophia, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers because you have helped so many people find peace and healing. The happiness and love we deliver to each person is more significant than how long we live on earth. Nobody should ever experience the excruciating pain of losing a child. The hole he has left in your heart should be filled by your loving memories and feelings for him. Paul, I am so sorry that you are currently dealing with this.

A catastrophe of this magnitude is just too dreadful to be adequately expressed in words. Please accept my sincere condolences as you grieve and attempt to mend your hearts in this trying time. I’m sending you and Sophia my love and prayers during this terribly trying time. Even while we are aware of the spirit realm and everything that it includes, including the limitless love, acceptance, and healing it offers, we nevertheless feel enormous pain when we lose loved ones in this way physically. Now that someone as priceless as Ry no longer exists on this Earth level, there is a huge void left behind.

We sincerely apologize for your loss. I want you to know that I am available to listen to anything you need to talk about because I too have endured the awful death of my own son. I genuinely care about the two of you and want the best for you. Sophia and Paul being together is just unbelievable to me. Please accept my sincere apologies. Right now, when I consider the pain you must be going through, I’m speechless. I implore God to keep you secure and free from harm forever.