Shelby McCasland Obituary, Death – Shelby McCasland has sadly passed away. Today a fighting angel entered paradise. She wasn’t just a girl’s best friend; she was the best person ever. Whether we were attending birthday celebrations together in elementary school or talking about our favorite ensembles in high school, she was a bright point in everyone’s day. The kind of soul Shelby McCasland possesses could make any day or place better. Words cannot express how deeply I ache for the McCasland/Wilgenbusch family in this unexpected hour of bereavement.

I pray for God to have a powerful plan for this loss and to be with all of the friends and family members who are affected by it. Of everyone I know, you have the biggest heart and the cheeriest grin. You were among the first people in Martensdale to give me a hearty welcome, and for that, I will always be thankful. Even though the world is a little bit darker without you, everyone you touched will always carry your soul. Little girl, may you always be at peace. You have my undying affection, Shelbs, and I will always treasure you.

We’ll keep you in mind. Shelby McCasland, I really enjoy how upbeat you are all the time. We shall always remember your unwavering dedication to whatever you did and your role as the “mom” of each buddy group. I don’t think I’ll ever forget changing with you in an elevator and behaving so disobediently as a result, hehe. During this trying time, I’m extending my prayers and thoughts to the McCasland family and friends. Please keep this family in your prayers and in your thoughts. I don’t have any photos of Shelby on my phone, but I’m sure.

I can search through older ones and find a ton of them. She was a girl of outstanding distinction! I sincerely pray for everyone’s health! Before you go to bed tonight, please think of them in your prayers or in your thoughts. Shelby, your passing from this world and illness came way too soon. We will never forget you or stop grieving for you.