Andrew Hill Death, Obituary – Andrew Hill, a shift worker, tragically went away yesterday (Christmas Day). We express our sincere sympathies to his mother, father, Jake, Mandy, Stuart, and other family members. Shifter started Purnell’s as a young player at the age of 13, and by the time he was 16 he was playing first IX cricket on a very competitive team. He was a terrific fielder in addition to being an aggressive hitter and occasional bowler (unbeknownst to those who only got to know him later in life). He took a break from cricket for a while, but strangely, he continued to be active in social events and was always busy.

After being hurt in the ladder accident, he returned to play for Purnell’s in Premier cricket in his mid-30s. He was heavier and more immobile, but he simply hit the ball harder. Shifter was not just good friends with Purnell; he was also good friends with other cricketers from Midsomer Norton, Bath, Frome, and in particular Martin Cox (he enjoyed seeing Cox bat; he termed it “class”). Almost wherever he went, including bars, clubs, cities, and streets, he was recognized. Shifter was a larger-than-life character, an endearing misfit (he had so many tales), and a good friend to many.

Although there aren’t many if you try to enumerate them, he did have some flaws. Shifter’s presence made every day, evening, and game more enjoyable because he was rowdy, funny, and knowledgeable about cricket. Shifter will be sorely missed by many people because he shared in many memorable occasions at Purnell Community College and in the area. Shifter always had Purnell’s in his heart and regularly stated, “If you cut me in half, you’ll see Purnell’s through and through,” thus we are all proud to be able to call him our friend. Your legacy will endure eternities. God bless you, my dear friend.