Bob Eldridge Obituary, Death – On the evening of Christmas, he was stabbed to death inside his own home when he was 71 years old. His distraught neighbors have told them that he was a good-natured man who drove the bus for the retirement village where he lived. On Christmas night, his body was discovered lying in the snow. Bob Eldridge, who had reached the age of 91 at the time of his passing, passed away on November 10, 2016, after a long and fruitful life. He had been dealing with his illness for some time. Bob was born on the 29th of December in 1924, so the 29th of December is both his birthdate and his birthday. Since Bob was born on the 29th of December, 1924. After completing his obligation to serve in the military, he wed Jerry, and the two of them have enjoyed a contented marriage for the majority of the seven decades that have passed since they were first joined as husband and wife.

His service in the military came to an end after he married Jerry. Bob was able to pay for all of his education at the University at Buffalo thanks to the benefits he received from the GI Bill, which is a program that is made available by the Veterans Administration. As a result of his meteoric rise to the position of a star player on the basketball team, his teammates began to refer to him as “Big Red.” [Case in point:] This was the moniker that he was known by for the entirety of his time spent with the team. He uprooted his life and moved to the state of Michigan after spending the previous two years working as an instructor in the state of New York. He moved to Michigan from New York.

Bob started his career as a teacher of Health and Physical Education as well as the Head Boys’ Basketball Coach at the same institution in 1951, the same year that he earned a Master’s Degree in the subject from the University of Michigan. He also began his career as a teacher of Health and Physical Education and a coach of basketball in the same year. He was qualified in the area have obtained a degree in it. After beginning his career in education at Avondale High School in Rochester Hills in 1953, he moved on to Wyandotte Roosevelt High School to continue his career in education there. After that, he moved on to Wyandotte Roosevelt High School to begin his career in education there.

After a long and fruitful career in education, he eventually reached the point of retirement at Wyandotte Roosevelt High School. In 1964, he concluded that he no longer wanted to be a coach, and not too much longer after that, he and Jerry moved their family to Trenton, which is located in the state of Michigan. He made the decision to retire from coaching in 1964. He remained employed at Wyandotte High School as a guidance counselor until the year 1983, at which point he decided to retire from that particular institution. Up until that point, he had worked there.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the presence of Bob’s loving and supportive family, in which he felt an overpowering sense of pride, was the single most important aspect of Bob’s life. He is survived by his wife, Jerry Eldridge; five sons, Bob (Pam), Tom (Gail), Jim (Pam), Tim (Sally), and Ken (Maggie); grandchildren, Erin (Aaron) Simon, Scott (Kara) Eldridge, Jamie Eldridge-Wheelock, Ian Eldridge, Drew (Rachel) Eldridge, Emily (Mike) Jones, and Abby (Javy) Lopez; and 12 great-grandchildren. He passed away on The day he passed away It was on day that he passed away. This day marks the anniversary of his passing away.