Brooks Brown Death, Obituary – On the evening of Friday, December 23, 2022, Brooks Samuel Brown IV, who had reached the age of 67 at the time of his departure, departed this life. His passing was recorded as having taken place. It was a godsend that he was able to spend his last hours in the comfort and privacy of his own home, where he had spent his entire life. Before he was born in the city of Columbia, which is located in the state of South Carolina, both of his parents, Brooks Samuel Brown III and Beverly Baughman Brown, had died away. Brooks Samuel Brown III and Beverly Baughman Brown both contributed to this work.

He was his mother and father’s son. He was their son. After committing himself to his country by serving in the United States Navy, he decided to go back to school in order to earn his degree. He enrolled in the program at Tri County Technical College in order to do so, and he was able to complete all of his studies there with flying colors. After that, he was presented with his diploma and given his degree. Brooks devoted his whole life to working in the automotive industry up to the point where he became eligible for retirement. He then moved on to other pursuits. During that time, he did not take any time off from his duties in the field.

Following his passing, he will be survived by a number of members of his family, including his wife, Dianne Coker Brown, his brother Anthony Brown (Sally Ann), and a number of nieces and nephews. Sally Ann Brown, who is his sister-in-law, is also among the people he will be leaving behind. Sally Ann Brown, his sister-in-law, is still alive and well after all of these years, despite the fact that he has passed away. Susan Henry, who was his sister, had already gone away before he did, and she had outlived both of his parents before she herself passed away. Before she herself went away, she had outlived both of his parents.

She had outlived both of his parents prior to her own passing away before she herself passed away. She had been the only member of the Henry family up to the time of her demise who had managed to stay alive till the end. Because there are presently no preparations in place to offer any services to paying clients, this choice is not one that can be made. As an alternative to giving flowers in memory of the person who has passed away, memorial contributions can be donated to the Anderson County PAWS organization instead. 1320 Highway 29 South, Anderson, South Carolina 29626 is the address where condolences and gifts honoring the departed can be sent.