Chad Rosen Obituary, Death – Chad S. Rosen lost his battle with cancer and did so at the St. Elizabeth Hospice in Edgewood, Kentucky. He saw the Kentucky village of Fort Thomas as his permanent home. 1989 saw Chad graduate from LaFollette High School and subsequently received his high school diploma. Some of his favorite outdoor activities are biking, swimming, hiking, and camping. Chad loved music and was frequently spotted strumming the guitar. He frequently attended events like concerts and festivals.

He was playing on it, and you could hear him doing so. The time he spent in the kitchen was also something he enjoyed greatly. He read voraciously and kept up a high level of knowledge his entire life, consuming books like water. Chad had a large number of close friends in his circle of influence and was well-loved by a lot of people thanks to his outgoing nature. Chad had a lifelong interest in traveling and was constantly game for an exhilarating new experience.

Because Chad was a man who exuded love, gratitude, and a great deal of compassion, he made a good impact on everyone he came into contact with during his life, not just the people who lived in his neighborhood. He was a really kind, honest, fun-loving, open-hearted, and open-hearted person, and his family and friends are going to miss him a lot. His absence will be felt deeply.

We will all sincerely miss Chad in our lives. The memories of Chad will continue to live on in the hearts of his sister Barbara Replinger, his three nephews Justin, Heath, and Calvin Belgum, as well as his two nieces Char and Bronwyn Belgum. Additionally, many of Chad’s close friends may notice a significant void in their lives. His grandmother DeLoris (Richard) Replinger, mother Carol Replinger, and aunt Maureen McCredie all went away before he did. The last of his generation, he was.