Florence Signa Death, Obituary – Florence Strazi Everyone who knew Signa affectionately referred to her as Aunt Florence, and she spent virtually all of her life working to transform Doe’s Eat Place into the restaurant that it is today. The same night that she went on her first date with Big Doe’s brother, Frank “Jughead” Signa, she also started working at Doe’s, which meant that it was the first night of her profession. The date took place on the same night that she began her job. Because there was an inadequate number of staff members available on that particular evening, Aunt Florence was in charge of making salads, while Uncle Jug was in charge of shucking oysters.

She never passed up a chance to talk about the time when she was unable to focus on her work because she was too obsessed with thinking about how gorgeous Frank was. She said that she never missed an occasion to talk about it. She was unable to pull herself away from him for for a moment, much less turn her attention to anybody else. They did end up getting married, and after the ceremony, she vowed to spend the rest of her life working to improve the quality of life in Doe’s. She welcomed each and every client with a kind smile and a warm embrace, regardless of whether they were a famous politician, a glamorous movie star, or just an ordinary person.

She did this despite of the fact that some of her customers were famous while others were not. She did this despite the fact that they may or may not have been renowned at the time. If you visited Doe’s at the time when Aunt Florence was working there, by the time you left, you would have the distinct impression that you were a part of the family that owned and operated Doe’s. By the manner that she lived her life, she served as a model for others to follow in terms of what it means to devote one’s entire existence to Christ and His Church.

The memory of Aunt Florence, who was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, and friend, will continue to exist within these walls each and every day for as long as these walls stay intact. This will be the case for as long as these walls remain standing. There won’t be a single instant throughout all of time in which we won’t recall her in some capacity, whether it physical, mental, or emotional. We hold you in extremely high esteem, Aunt Florence, and we thank you for everything.