George Musser Obituary, Death – A thorough search that was carried out on the day after Christmas was able to locate George Musser, age 20, who had been reported missing since the early morning of Christmas Eve. The search was able to locate George because of the thoroughness of the search. The news that George Musser had been found dead as a result of the search was confirmed by the Stillwater police department at approximately 7 o’clock this evening. Since the early hours of Christmas Eve morning, the local police department had been conducting an investigation into the whereabouts of the missing person as part of their normal course of duty.

Musser was reportedly found by emergency personnel buried in the snow in Baytown Township, just south of Highway 36, according to the initial radio dispatches that were sent out. This is what one can deduce from the data that was presented earlier. It has been determined with absolute precision in which part of the world the discovery was made. His last known location was in the downtown area of Stillwater, and the last time anyone saw him was approximately 2:10 in the morning on December 24. His disappearance is being investigated as suspicious.

Investigations are being conducted into the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. On Sunday that came after Christmas, there was a gathering of more than one hundred people who had gathered together with the intention of looking for Musser. The authorities have not made any newly discovered information about his disappearance available to the general public as of right now, and the investigation into the case is still active at this time.

After 7 o’clock on Sunday evening, the body of Musser was discovered in the area of the 5400 block of Osgood Ave. N, as stated in a press release that was issued by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. The release was issued by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. This information was incorporated into the press release that was sent out to various news outlets. The sheriff’s office in Washington County was the organization that was responsible for distributing the press release.