Iain Cameron Death, Obituary – On the 21st of December 2022, Deacon Iain Cameron departed away abruptly and cruelly as a consequence of circumstances that none could have predicted and for which nobody could have been ready. It is with the deepest sadness that we notify you that we are unable to spare you the agony of being compelled to acquire this knowledge; yet, it is essential. He was born and raised in this area, and he has always thought of it as his home even though he has never moved elsewhere. This is the only location he has ever known. When the news spread that he had died, no one in this place could believe what they were hearing when they learnt of his passing as the news traveled over the area.

Iain has been working at St. Mary’s Cathedral for a combined total of 42 years, the vast majority of which have been spent in his current position as the Deacon. This provides him with an extensive pool of knowledge to draw on. You should pray for Vicky and his children, along with anybody else who is grieving the loss of him, and you should keep them in your thoughts and intentions. You need to pray not just for others but also for yourself. Please remember them in your prayers as they go through this difficult time.

In addition, it would be of great assistance if you could say a prayer for yourself in addition to saying a prayer for anyone else who is grieving the loss of him at the same time that you say a prayer for yourself. Thank you. My heartfelt prayer is that you, O Lord, would bestow upon him eternal rest, and that the boundless light that emanates from your presence may shine brightly upon him. I pray that his spirit, along with the spirits of all the loyal people who have subsequently passed away, can at long last find the peace that they have been longing for for such a significant amount of time. I pray that one day, each and every one of these individuals may be able to discover the peace that they so desperately require.