Kyle Granello Obituary, Death – Kyle Granello of Monroe, Connecticut has sadly passed away. Kyle went to Masuk High School. Kyle Granello, you are my closest friend. For many years, you were the gentleman I saw practically every day of the week. You were such a strong individual who had been through a lot and made it through. Man, it still amazes me that I have to express my love for you. I wish I had taken more photos, but I’m pleased I can still remember so many beautiful things that happened.

Without you, every day will be very different, but I know you’ll keep an eye on me to ensure I’m maximizing it. Brother, you will be sadly missed. Be at peace until we cross paths again. I cannot fully express the suffering that writing this and continuing today brings me. You were and always will be my best buddy, Kyle. I always will value our friendship and the connections we have developed over the years. How willing you were to put others before yourself and make someone else’s day is something I will never forget.

We could always count on each other, which is what a real friend and brother are like. Our friendship remained our unwavering rock, our heart, and our soul through thick and thin, good times and terrible. We won’t ever forget the joy you gave us or the smiles we exchanged. Even when we are at our lowest points, we would need each other to help us rise above them. This delight would outweigh any difficulties we had.

Even though we were physically separated as we grew older and the years passed, you were always there for us just as we were for you. We will always treasure our childhood memories of Orion Strickland and Camp OAK; you will always be loved and missed. Without you, nothing in our house will be the same. You have my love and my best wishes, brother.