Norman Moore Death, Obituary – After a brief bout with sickness, on December 20th, Norman, who lived on Albert Street in Millom and was 90 years old, passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his devoted family. Norman had been battling his condition for some time. Before he passed away, Norman fought a brief but valiant battle against disease. He had been examined and started receiving treatment at the hospital earlier in the month after being admitted there. Home for Norman was in the neighborhood of Millom in the town of Millom. The day, the 20th of December, in the year 1928, when Norman came into this world as a brand new human being was the day that he was born.

He was the much-loved husband of Marian, the much-loved father of Alan and Mark, the loving and proud grandad of Chloe, Kirsty, Samuel, Joseph, Georgia, Connor, and Yasmin, the much-loved father in law of Karen, and he was also a proud great-grandad and a proud great-great-grandad. He was also a proud great-great-grandad and a proud great-great Additionally, he was a proud great-great-grandad as well as a proud great-great-grandad. He was also a proud great-great-grandad in addition to being a proud great-great-grandad. The most up-to-date information that we have indicates that he passed away when he was 89 years old.

It seems that he departed from this world in the earlier part of this year. In addition to that, he was both a great-great-grandad as well as a great-great-grandad, both of which he considered to be fantastic accomplishments that he should be exceedingly delighted of. He was also a great-great-grandad. In addition to that, he had great-great-grandchildren of his own. The funeral is scheduled to take place in St. Anne’s Church in Thwaites on Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 2:00 p.m., and the burial of the dead will take place in the cemetery immediately after the end of the ceremony.

The memorial service will begin promptly at the time that has been established by the organizers. There will be no deviation from this time. On the other side, memorial gifts can be delivered to the Sheldon facility, which is situated in Millom at the intersection of Lapstone Road and Millom Avenue. You can get there by taking Millom Avenue from Lapstone Road. If you decide to make a donation to any of these organizations, you will be helping the British Heart Foundation or The Epilepsy Society, depending on which organization you choose to support with your generosity.