Ronnie Terrell Williams Obituary, Death – Ronnie Terrell Williams sadly passed away. His parents, Frank Williams and Bessie Hutton Williams were present to welcome him on August 10th, 1928 in Peoria. When he was 16 years old, he graduated from Peoria Woodruff High School. He had spent his entire boyhood in the Peoria section of West Peoria. Ron and Louise Marie DeBrobander exchanged vows and became husband and wife on September 4, 1948. A year later, on December 26, 2019, she passed away. Ron started working part-time at Caterpillar in East Peoria after finishing high school.

He continued doing this for a while before shifting to other tasks. He was in charge of moving castings about the yard, among other things. He enrolled in the four-year Caterpillar Apprentice Program in 1945, which gave him training. He started working in the East Peoria factory after finishing his education and held a number of managerial jobs there. He then began working for the Decatur Business Unit so he could contribute to the location’s general expansion in Decatur. He decided to accept a position as the Machine Shop Superintendent in Decatur in 1955.

When Ron departed as Factory Manager of Building E after a total of 48 years at the company, he was the active Caterpillar Manager with the most years of experience. Compared to other managers still employed there, Ron had the most years of Caterpillar experience. In addition to having a natural flair for sports, Ron enjoyed the challenge of participating in many activities. He continued playing baseball at Dozer Park in Peoria after finishing high school by signing up for a Sunday morning league there. He had previously participated in high school baseball.

He began playing golf shortly after arriving in Decatur and rapidly developed an obsession with it. He frequently played golf at the Hickory Point, Faries, and Scovill Golf Courses with Louise, his family, and a wide range of other players in a number of leagues. He began playing golf frequently soon after moving to Decatur. Over the course of his life, he was a talented and committed golfer who managed to accomplish three holes in one.

Ron’s other favorite activities were running, fishing, and even ice skating, in addition to bowling and ice skating. He set the bar for others to follow by competing at the proper levels and putting forth a clear commitment to meticulous work in all of his activities. He was a great example as a result of this. His family members’ daily lives will be greatly affected by his absence.