Ruby Gonzales Death, Obituary – Ruby Marie Gonzales was unable to overcome the disease that she had been battling for some time, and as a consequence, she went away as a direct result of the illness late yesterday evening. She had been battling the illness for some time. Because she was quick with a smile and an embrace, and because she was always ready to make them feel as though they were something unique, a fair many of our children looked forward to having Sister Ruby as their Sunday School instructor. In addition to this, she was always ready to make other people feel as though they were special and outstanding in their own ways.

They loved her in particular because she was always ready to make them feel as if they were something extraordinary, and this contributed to their favor of her. This was one of the causes that contributed to their admiration for her. This was one of the reasons that led to their affection for her, and it was one of the reasons why they admired her. Sister Ruby was a companion who was very well-liked by our more experienced members, and she was a dependable source of joy and affection for each and every one of them. The only solace that can be drawn from this tragic turn of events is the knowledge that she will be spending Christmas this year with God and all of his angels.

This is the only positive thing that we can take away from it. In light of everything that’s going on, this is the only consolation we can find.
Both the physical and mailing addresses are located in San Benito, Texas 78586. The physical location is 1400 W US Highway 77. There, at that address, you’ll find the Buck Ashcraft San Benito Funeral Home. You may get in touch with them by dialing this number to speak with a representative.

On Friday, December 23, there will be a visiting service that will begin at one o’clock in the afternoon and continue until nine o’clock in the evening. The service will be held on the holiday of Christmas. The memorial service is still scheduled to go place on Friday as originally intended. A memorial ceremony honoring the life of the person who passed away earlier today will be conducted tomorrow evening at seven o’clock. The event will be held in celebration of the individual’s life.