Ryant Furtick Obituary, Death – Ryant Furtick of Columbia, South Carolina has died in a tragic car accident. Ryant lived in Atlanta, Georgia. Christmas will no longer have the same significance for me after this year. I think it won’t, to the best of my knowledge. Considering that I am constantly exposed to sorrow, I thought that I had experience with it. Having said that, yesterday was the first day I actually felt like I was suffering. He was driving from Atlanta to Augusta when a tragic vehicle tragedy claimed the lives of my Mini-Me, my third son Ryant, and my grand goddaughter NuRiah (Poody), who was four years old.

His car collided with a tractor trailer 20 minutes outside of Augusta, close to Warrenton, Georgia. The life of my family and my grand goddaughter were taken. I’m not feeling well, and I doubt I will for a while. Please keep me and my family in your prayers as we navigate the challenging process of accepting the losses we’ve experienced. Please refrain from calling, texting, or opening your mail if at all possible. I’m in pain. At this time, the only thing that comes to mind to ask is “why” since I am dumbfounded.

You were more than just a close friend to me; you were a member of my family, and the sense of loss I am feeling at this moment is hard for me to express. I’m talking about a position that is impossible to get out of since there is nowhere in the world you could go without first getting in touch with me. Even though it’s difficult to imagine, we kept each other informed of our whereabouts from Hawaii to California and even Japan, and I’ll maintain that information even after you pass away so that I can find you in heaven.

I want to give you one more bear embrace right now because that is all I want to do to show you how much I love you with every fiber of my existence. I would have kept you on the line for a lot longer if I had known that the call I got from you the day before would be the final one I ever get. I beg you, don’t stop watching me. We had a lot of memories, but they were never sufficient. The friendliest dog I’ve ever encountered was Poody. He never ceased being funny and always had a smile on his face. Take care of him, baby girl, until I can come see you both again. I’ll be back shortly. I cherish you.