Simon Thomas Death, Obituary – I’m sorry to have to say it, but the news that my father passed away unexpectedly yesterday from a heart attack has left me feeling totally crushed and bereft, and I apologize for having to say it. It hurts my heart to even try to articulate how I am feeling right now since I am completely at a loss for words to convey how I am experiencing this moment. We had just completed going through the logistics of Christmas Day over the phone the night before; please don’t take anything for granted since I’ve seen firsthand how quickly things can change. We had just finished going over the logistics of Christmas Day over the phone.

A few minutes before the event started, he got in touch with Megan and me and expressed his undying love for us while also assuring us that he would be there for us “just in case.” As soon as I was finally able to catch up with him, I immediately started doing all in my power to assist him, but unfortunately, it was already too late. It is not lost on me that a lot of people felt a great degree of veneration for my father. This is something that I am aware of. He was the nicest person I’ve ever met, and the life he built for my family was better than anything any of us could have dreamed about. I could not have wished for Enzo to have a finer father or grandpa; yet, I do wish that we could have spent more time together. I think Enzo would have benefited from that. I am unable to explain why this was not a viable option. Because there was so much that the two of us wanted to do together, my chest hurts everytime I think of all of the things that he had planned because there was so much that we wanted to do together. how substantially it has impacted the lives of everyone who was worried about him as a result of its intervention
You are going to be always on my mind, as well as in my thoughts, and I will always remember you. We are going to have a Christmas that is not going to live up to our expectations, but we are going to do all in our ability to make it through.