Amy Anderson Obituary, Death – Amy Brogdon Anderson passed away on the 14th of December in the year 2022. She was 43 years old. Wednesday was the day that her funeral was held. Amy came into this world on February 18th, 1979 in the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, which is located in the state of Mississippi. She attended the services of the Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison, Mississippi, where she was a member, on a consistent basis. Amy was awarded a great deal of recognition, participated in a wide variety of activities, and made friendships that will last her for the rest of her life while she was growing up in Vicksburg. Amy spent her childhood and teenage years in Vicksburg.

On the 29th of December in the year 2022, a memorial service will be held in honor of the person who has passed away at the Glenwood Funeral Home in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Thursday is the day that the service will take place. Visitation will begin at nine in the morning, followed by a memorial service at ten in the morning. The funeral will be held at eleven in the morning. In memory of the pet or animal that has passed away, you are more than welcome to make memorial donations to the local humane society of your choosing. She eventually graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in nutrition and dietetics, the same institution from which she had earned her undergraduate degree.

After she had completed her high school education and been awarded her diploma, this happened to her. In spite of this, Amy harbored a deep desire even when she was still a young child to one day assume the professional responsibilities that her father had held in the past. At Mississippi State University, where she had done her undergraduate and graduate work, she ultimately earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine and became a veterinarian. She was never happier than when they were either going on a new adventure together or spending quality time together at home. Those were the two situations that made her the happiest.

The two things listed above were the ones that brought her the most joy. Dr. Robert H. Anderson Jr., Amy’s father, had already passed away prior to the birth of his daughter. Her son, Robert Beauman Brogdon, as well as her daughters, Bailey Grace Brogdon and Samantha Lee Anderson, as well as her mother, Gloria Anderson, and her sister, Breanne Anderson Simmons, are all capable of carrying on her legacy. These individuals will be the ones to carry on her legacy.