Dante Kaintz Obituary, Death – Dante Kaintz, a man from Catasauqua who was 21 years old and had been injured in a collision in the Lehigh Valley, has been identified as the person who passed away as a result of the injuries he sustained in the incident. Kaintz had been injured in the collision, which took place in the Lehigh Valley. After the collision, Kaintz was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries, which he sustained as a result of the accident. At approximately 7:20 o’clock in the evening on Sunday, the incident took place in the neighborhood of lower Macungie Township that is located at the 2200 block of Light Horse Harry Road.

The location of this neighborhood is in Macungie Township, Pennsylvania. Before the collision took place, the authorities believe that Kaintz drove off the roadway and into a tree before he lost control of his vehicle, as this is what caused the accident. As a direct result of the collision, his vehicle ended up on its roof in the middle of a field, where it had finally come to a stop. The local authorities that were responsible for the area issued a request for assistance to any and all of the available emergency services, and those services were then sent to the location where the incident took place.

Before he passed away, Kaintz was found to have suffered multiple injuries, all of which were brought on as a direct result of being struck by an object, as established by the findings of the investigation that was carried out by the coroner. The video that was taken by the Action Cam showed that the vehicle had been significantly damaged as a result of the collision that it had been a part of earlier. Both the accident investigation and the investigation into the circumstances that led Kaintz to veer off the roadway are subjects of inquiry for the investigation that is being conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police. The investigation is being conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police.