Ed Sanford Obituary, Death – I am writing this with a heavy heart to inform you of the sudden passing of my dearest friend, Ed Sanford. His passing came as a complete shock to all of us. He was a man who will remain in my thoughts and memories forever (age 32). Eddy passed away while he was resting quietly on Christmas Day, 2022. His passing occurred in the year 2022. He was a cherished friend, the Events Coordinator and Co-Founder of the Be Beautiful Foundation, the husband of Kim Sanford, and the proud father of Olivia Sanford, who was three years old when he passed away. He was married to Kim Sanford, and he was the doting father of Olivia Sanford.

This irreparable loss to his extensive network of friends and family, as well as to the community at large, which has directly benefited from Eddy’s charitable contributions made through the Be Beautiful Foundation, is beyond description and cannot be adequately articulated in any language. It is a loss that cannot be adequately articulated in any language because it is beyond description. Eddy’s contributions to charitable causes have not only benefited the recipients of those funds, but the community as a whole as well. At this time, there is no additional information that can be provided; all that can be said is that Ed’s primary care physician gave him a clean bill of health just a few weeks before this unexpected tragedy.

Other than that, there is no other information that can be provided. We are reaching out to Eddy’s friends, family, and the various communities that he has gone above and beyond to serve in the hopes that they will be able to offer whatever assistance they can to assist in supporting Eddy’s wife and daughter in whatever way they see fit. Eddy has gone above and beyond to serve these communities. In order to better serve these communities, Eddy has gone above and beyond. Because of the generosity of others, Olivia, the young daughter of Ed, will receive direct assistance with her care and education. This is made possible by the contributions that have been made. Thank you. An Endearing Tribute to Ed Sanford’s Memory with Love and Respect