Harold Gross Obituary, Death –¬†Harold Gross she battled a disease for a considerable amount of time, but on January 9, 2000, when she was 87 years old, she was finally overcome by the disease and passed away as a result of its effects. In 1971, Mr. Gross retired from Chevrolet Manufacturing in Flint, where he had been employed for a significant number of years prior to his retirement. 1971 was the year that he decided to hang up his boots. In addition to that, he worked as a farmer and was an insurance agent for Cadwallader-Lord-Hahn in Owosso. Both of these jobs were located in Owosso. These two jobs were both located in the city of Owosso. The city of Owosso was home to both of these employment opportunities. Mr. Gross, the son of John and Elizabeth (Constine) Gross, was born on August 18, 1912 in the township of Maple Grove.

His parents were John and Elizabeth (Constine) Gross. The oldest of the Gross children was a man named Mr. Gross. He was the first child to be born to the couple while they were still married and was a son. He had spent his entire life in the same house in Maple Grove Township, which he had moved into when he was a young boy. On June 30th, 1934, he wed Bernarda M. Gross. The ceremony took place in New York City. The wonderful city of New York served as the setting for the event. At the time of the happening, they had been married for a cumulative total of 65 years at that point. She is successful in carrying on with her life after he has passed away. Both the Knights of Columbus and the Knights of Michael Catholic Church in the city of Maple Grove, Minnesota, which is located in the state of Minnesota, counted him as an active member.

It was he who conceptualized and launched both of these organizations in the first place. They were the proud owners of a cabin on Houghton Lake, and one of the most treasured memories of their marriage was the time they spent there in the cabin together. He and his wife had purchased the cabin before they got married. Those members of the deceased man’s family who are still alive include the deceased man’s wife, Bernarda, as well as his five children and the spouses of each of his five children: Bernard and Dorothy Gross of Harrison, Shirley and Terry Birdsley, Michael and Kay Gross, LaVern and Fran Gross, and Dennis and Pat Gross of Flushing. Additionally, the deceased man’s five grandchildren are also still alive. In addition to this, Bernarda, the man who was married to the deceased is still living.

The deceased man was also survived by a combined total of 40 great-grandchildren and 29 grandchildren. He held the time he was able to spend with each and every one of his grandchildren in the highest regard, and he regarded the time he spent with each and every one of them as a precious gift. In addition to his two sisters, his younger brother, and his two younger brothers, he is survived by two brothers who were his younger siblings. All of his children had already passed away before he did, including his son Kenneth R. Gross in 1962 and his son Arnold R. Gross in 1998, in addition to his two infant daughters not too long after they were born.

There will be a memorial mass held in honor of the person who passed away on the morning of Wednesday, January 12, 2000, at eleven o’clock. This will be in memory of the person who passed away. The Reverend Fr. Randy Kelly will serve as the minister in charge throughout the viewing, funeral, and burial services. He will also preside over the services. Visitation will be held this evening beginning at 6 o’clock, all day Tuesday, and at the church on Wednesday beginning at 10 o’clock in the morning. Visitation will also be held on Thursday beginning at 6 o’clock.

Additionally, visitation will take place on Thursday beginning at six in the evening. In addition, visitation will begin at six o’clock on Thursday evening and continue throughout the day. Scripture will be read aloud during the service that will take place on Tuesday evening at 7, and then the Knights of Columbus Rosary will take place at 8:30. The evening time slot has been reserved for both of the events. Both of these gatherings will take place during the evening hours at their designated locations.