James Dobbs Death, Obituary – The report of a missing person that was filed in the month of October in Lancaster County served as the trigger for the beginning of the investigation. On Thursday, police from Lancaster County discovered credible leads that imply the person who had been reported missing was killed in the vicinity of the 3500 block of Old Georgetown Road in Kershaw County. This information was revealed on Thursday. After that, investigators from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and investigators from the Kansas City Sheriff’s Office began working together in an effort to identify a perpetrator and bring them to justice.

As a direct consequence of the investigation, Kershaw resident Ryan Thomas Edgerton, age 20, who lives on Old Georgetown Road, was questioned by KCSO investigators, which ultimately led to the investigation’s successful conclusion. As a direct consequence of the interview, the information that Edgerton had murdered the victim and then transported their body to Lee County a few days later became public knowledge. Edgerton directed the officers of the KCSO to the spot where the body was buried, which was situated behind a church on St. James Road in Lee County.

The remains of the victim were able to be identified and collected earlier today, and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office was able to offer help in both of these processes. When the burial location in Lee County was uncovered, SLED was called and asked to conduct an investigation into it. David West, the coroner for Kershaw County, South Carolina, has issued an order for an autopsy to be performed and has contacted the family of the victim in the right manner. Coroner West has identified the person who passed away as James Arron Dobbs, who was 18 years old and a resident of Kershaw.

At the moment, Ryan Thomas Edgerton is being held at the Kershaw County Detention Center, and it is anticipated that he will be charged with murder in the not too distant future. At this juncture, the reasons for doing this are not immediately clear. Edgerton and the victim had known each other in the past and had a connection. This was not a slaying that was carried out at random. According to the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division.

We never would have been able to solve this case without our excellent working relationships with Sheriff Barry Faile and the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Danny Simon and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, and our South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division” (SLED). Lee Boan, the sheriff of Kershaw County, South Carolina.