James Whitman Death, Obituary – Your prayers would be a tremendous help to my husband and his brothers as they work their way through the difficulties that they are now facing. Please say some right now if you think of it. I am grateful. Remember them in your prayers, and do not allow the notion of them and what they meant to you go from your mind. They learned today that their brother James Lee Whitman had died in an unexpected manner, and at the same time, they are mourning the loss of a loved one who has passed away. The news of their brother’s death came today.

They are in a condition of complete confusion as a result of hearing this information, and they just cannot believe what they are hearing. Praying for not just my husband but also for his siblings would be a really kind effort on your behalf, and it would be greatly appreciated. That would be of great assistance; many thanks for providing that. Jimmy was a part of our family who was held in the highest esteem by each and every one of us, and we all loved and cared dearly for him. Jimmy had a special place in our hearts and we will never forget him. Jimmy was a family member who was taken from us too soon and we will miss him.

To each and every one of us, he commanded the highest regard and esteem. His departure is going to be deeply felt in every possible manner, and it is going to be a major loss to everyone involved. Jim and his brother Barry have a connection with one another that is defined by both a high degree of constancy with one another and a great deal of affection for one another. This connection allows them to enjoy a close relationship with one another. Right now, Barry is going through a rough patch.

He shared his struggles with Jimmy for an entire hour until Jimmy had to go. Jimmy was empathetic with Barry and his predicament. Please be assured that we will make it a point to keep you abreast of any new information on the memorial service that comes to our notice; nevertheless, we cannot even begin to describe how thankful we are to each and every one of you. We cannot even begin to explain how grateful we are.