Julie Roth Obituary, Death – Julie Roth, a 37-year-old operating room nurse from Toledo, was one of the four people who passed away as a result of a collision on the Ohio Turnpike that occurred on the evening of Christmas Eve and involved 46 vehicles. The accident claimed the lives of four people. The deaths of the other three victims are confirmed. The fact that Julie, her two other children, and her unborn child were all caught up in the wreckage ultimately led to Julie not being able to carry her pregnancy to term. Additional injuries were sustained by Julie’s other children as a result of the accident.

As soon as Julie’s family realized that they were unable to find her, they immediately went into a state of panic and shared a post about a missing person across all of their various social media accounts in an effort to locate her. In the post, they described Julie as a “missing person” and asked for any information that might lead them to her. In the car accident that also claimed the lives of Julie and her younger brother, as well as their mother, an unborn child, and three other people, Julie and her younger brother both sustained injuries. Both Julie and her brother, who was also present, were hurt in the incident.

The fact that emergency medical services were able to locate Julie and her younger brother and bring them to safety has been verified as a result of the information provided by those services. While they were waiting to be rescued, Julie’s young daughter suffered a broken collar bone, and Julie’s young son suffered frostbite on his extremities. Both of these injuries were sustained while they were waiting for rescue. The two of Julie’s children are still in the process of recuperating from the injuries they sustained. The lifeless body of Julie wasn’t found for a considerable amount of time, and by the time it was, her unborn child had already been taken from her.