Kennard Thomas Death, Obituary – The results of the Aiken County Coroner’s Office indicate that the individual who died in Aiken after being stabbed there was a local resident who was 32 years old at the time of their death. This information was gleaned from the autopsy of the deceased person. This information was willingly provided to the authorities by the relatives of the victim. We learned this information on the individual in issue from members of their own families or from relatives of those people. Aiken served as the setting for the event in question, and it was there that it took place. According to the authorities, the New Ellenton Police Department and the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office were the ones that responded to the report of a person who had been stabbed.

This information was provided by the authorities. The county of Aiken is home to both of these departments and their respective buildings. The person who was injured had the presence of mind to look for help after they had been hurt. They were the ones that came across the dead person’s body in the location they were searching. It was assumed that the victim had contacted both organizations in order to file a complaint about the illegal activity that had taken place, and this was done in order to confirm the hypothesis. It was reported that law enforcement officers from the neighborhood were present at the scene of the event that took place on Camel Street in New Ellenton at about 1:28 in the morning on December 26. On that particular day, the incident took place.

Additionally, the police said that the wound was located on the body of the victim. The officials believe that the wound was caused by a knife, and they have reported that it was a knife that caused it. It was determined that the wound was sustained when the victim was inside of the flat. Thomas was taken to the Augusta University Medical Center by emergency medical services (EMS), and it was at that facility that it was established that Thomas had gone missing. Thomas had been missing since before he arrived at that institution. It has been established that Thomas exited the institution.

When they examined Thomas at that hospital, they came to the conclusion that he was no longer living. The investigators who were looking into the case discovered this information while they were looking into it while they were looking into it while they were looking into it while they were looking into it while they were looking into it