Kent Dana Death, Obituary – My great friend and coworker Joe Dana delivered a touching eulogy tonight for his late father, TV broadcasting pioneer Kent Dana, who passed away in April of this year. The eulogy was given by Joe in honor of his father. The speech had a lot of emotional impact. In April of this year, Joe’s father passed away after a long battle with cancer. Joe gave a moving and heartfelt eulogy for the person who passed away. Since 1977, Kent has established a reputation for himself in the broadcasting profession during the winter vacations by donning this recognizable red plaid jacket.

He does so throughout these times. In the performance that Joe gave for the show that will air at ten o’clock tonight, he did exactly the same thing that he did earlier today. He talked about customs and how, in the event that you lose someone you care about, you may honor their memory by instituting a new practice in their name as a way to show respect for them. He said this in reference to traditions. The ceremony need to be christened after the ancestor of the individual who has passed away. Since he died away, it has been three years since I’ve seen or spoken to my father. Because he was born on Christmas Day, we refer to him as a Christmas baby.

This is because his birthday falls on the holiday. The 25th of December was the day he was born. When it came to the category of sweet meals known as desserts, cheesecake had a prestigious position towards the top of his list of favourite delights. At this point in time, the cheesecake that we serve as dessert at Christmas has developed into a tradition, and each year we raise a glass to my parents and make them a toast in their name in order to honor them.

Regarding Joe, I don’t believe it was a coincidence that the jacket that had previously belonged to his father turned out to be the ideal size for Joe to wear when he tried it on. In point of fact, I do not believe that it was any kind of coincidence at all. It is without any reasonable question in any part of my mind that Kent is looking down from heaven with a happy smile on his face at each and every one of us who are still here on earth.