Leonard Evans Death, Obituary – On November 16, 2022, Leonard Ray Evans passed away at the age of 74 years old; he had attained that age at the time of his departure. The funeral happened on November 16th of this year. Visitation will take place at the funeral home that is owned and operated by Myers & Smith on Friday, beginning at nine in the morning and lasting until nine in the evening. The hours of visitation will begin on Friday. At that place, there will be a visitation conducted for the deceased. The location of the funeral home’s physical address inside the city. At some time, there will be a monetary transaction that takes place at the funeral home in some way or another. This may or may not occur immediately after the funeral.

When the time comes, the Myers & Smith Chapel will serve as the setting for both the viewing and the funeral ceremony itself. On Friday evening at six o’clock, there will be a viewing, and on Saturday at two o’clock in the afternoon, there will be the funeral ceremony. Mount Olive Cemetery will be the location of the burial when the funeral ceremony has come to a close. The memorial service will be concluded at some point in the future. Frankie and Jasper Evans saw the birth of their first child, a son called Leonard Evans, on February 8, 1948 in the hamlet of Brady.

This event marked the beginning of their journey as parents. Their first encounter as parents was brought on by this particular occurrence. As a direct result of what went happening, Mr. and Mrs. Evans had their very first experience in the role of parent. This was an immediate fallout from the events that took place. At the time of his passing, he was wed to Jo Woodson, and the two of them had lived their whole lives in the same place, which was Big Spring. Both of their children were born and raised there. Big Spring was the location of both of their deaths. There, he took his own life and ended his suffering by committing suicide.

Even though Leonard has died away, there are a substantial number of individuals who are able to carry on with their lives in the same manner as they did before he went away. This is the case despite the fact that Leonard was a beloved member of their community. These individuals include of some of Leonard Evans’ nieces and nephews, as well as his wife Jo, his sister Debbie Collins, his brother Herman Evans, and others. Leonard Evans is married to Jo. Herman Evans, Leonard’s brother, is also a member of this organization. [Case in point:] Another fascinating aspect about Jo Evans is that she is married to Leonard, making her the latter’s sister-in-law.