Nubia Llivipuma Death, Obituary – The tragedy that occurred on Friday evening in Brecknock Township snatched the lives of two sisters who were driving in the same vehicle. Both sisters were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The unfortunate occurrence took place in the township of Brecknock in Brecknock County. An accident that occurred in Brecknock Township on Friday night at approximately 10 o’clock resulted in the Lancaster County Coroner’s Office being notified and being sent to the site of the accident, as stated in a tweet that was posted by the office. The tweet also states that the office was sent to the location of the accident. A casualty has been reported as a result of the collision, according to the tweet.

The coroner’s office published a statement in which they identified the sisters as Nubia Llivipuma, whose age was not made public, and Mariana Llivipuma, who was 39 years old. Neither sister’s age was made public in the statement. It was discovered that both of the sisters had passed away. There was no mention of either sister’s age anywhere in the statement that was made. In the press release, it was said that the individuals had their roots in the Santa Isabel Canton in Ecuador, but their current location was not divulged. This particular piece of information was indeed included in the announcement that was made.

On the Pennsylvania Turnpike, between the Morgantown and Reading exits, there was an accident that included many autos as well as a tractor trailer, as determined by the results of the inquiry that was carried out by the office. On the map, you can find the precise position of where the collision occurred. Every single one of the automobiles that were described in the preceding sentence was involved in the collision that occurred. According to the information that was provided by the office, a deputy who was dispatched to the location of the incident immediately declared the deaths of two women at the scene of the incident there and then.

After the bodies of the two people were discovered, they were taken to the Lancaster County Forensic Center so that an autopsy could be carried out on each of them. In the notice, it was stated that it had been determined that the victim had gone away as a result of a number of significant injuries, and it had also been determined that the incident itself was not the result of any planned action. Both of these findings had been determined after it had been determined that the victim had gone away after the incident.