Patricia Brady Obituary, Death – On Thursday, March 21, 2019, Patricia Brady, who had lived a full life and reached the age of 90, passed away surrounded by family and friends. She had lived a life of significance. She had a successful and fulfilling life. She felt that she had made the most of her life and did not have any regrets as a result. She was born to her parents, Joseph Murphy, who has since passed away, and Mildred Bowen Murphy, who has also recently passed away. Her parents have both passed away since she was born. Since then, neither of her parents has survived to this day. She is well past the age of 65 at this point. Both of her parents have recently passed away. They were in their later years. Her maternal grandparents and her paternal grandparents have both passed away.

She has no living relatives from either side of her family. She was a reliable member of the congregation and never missed a Sunday of attending services at the Church of Our Lady of the Angels, which she did on a regular basis. Before she made the decision to step down from her position as Secretary of the Planning and Zoning Board, she had already put in a cumulative total of 27 years in that capacity. At that time, she came to the conclusion that it would be best for her to resign from her position. The ability to spend time with her family brought her the greatest amount of happiness, and this was especially true when they went on vacation together and she got the chance to see her grandchildren and great grandchildren engage in a variety of activities. Her family was her greatest source of joy.

Patricia is survived by her daughters Kathleen (Bruce) MacLeod and Peggy Brady; her three grandchildren, Jennifer (Bernard Parks) MacLeod, Ryan (Katelyn West), and Brad (Katie) MacLeod; her six great grandchildren, Tyler, Jack, Max, Addison, Emily, and Landon; her sister-in-law Anne Brady in addition to a large number of nieces and nephews; and her six great great grandchildren. Patricia also leaves behind Additionally, Patricia will be absent. In addition, Patricia will be absent from the event. Additionally, Patricia will not be present at the event she was invited to. Her husband, William J. Brady, her grandson Rory, her granddaughter-in-law Stephanie MacLeod, and both of her brothers, Norman and Edward Murphy, all passed away before she did. Her granddaughter-in-law was also predeceased by her husband.

Her grandson-in-law had also predeceased her when he married her granddaughter. When he married her granddaughter, he was her grandson-in-law, but she had passed away before he was born. Her granddaughter-in-law, Stephanie MacLeod, who was married to one of her brothers and also married another of her brothers, was also married to both of her grandfather’s brothers. She did end up getting married, and her spouse was one of her brothers. Up until this point, she was the only member of her immediate family to have achieved any level of success. At that point, each of her other relatives had already left this world. The funeral Mass will be held on Friday, March 29, 2019, at the same location as the visitation, which will begin at nine in the morning on the same day. The visitation will take place at the same location. The event is scheduled to last until 9:45 in the morning. It is going to be ten o’clock in the morning when the start of the Mass for the funeral is going to take place.